Lesbians Couple JoJo Kiss And Karlee Grey Go Sex Camping (In Tents Fucking Part 1)

By Brazzers Oct 26, 2017
Two couples go camping in the woods. One couple is carefree and up-for-anything while the other is uptight and has a schedule to keep. It seems like they wouldn’t get along but looks can be deceiving. When the men go off into the forest to hike and collect firewood, the women are left to their own devices. For Karlee, that means nude sunbathing and cooling off in an outdoor shower. For Jojo, that means valuable alone time to experience the pleasure she’s not getting at home. Unfortunately for Jojo, she can’t seem to focus and get herself turned on enough, so she heads out to see what Karlee is up to try and cool off. However, things only heat up when she stumbles upon Karlee’s naked sunbathing and unintentional shower-seduction. Encouraged by Karlee, Jojo soon sheds her clothes and inhibitions for a sultry splash into the world of girl-on-girl action. With Karlee leading the way, the two woman enjoy all the beauty mother nature has to offer, while narrowly missing being caught by their husbands. Cast: JoJo Kiss & Karlee Grey
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