Reality Kings - Darcie Dolce Learns How To Use A Dildo From Briana Banks

By realitykings Feb 23
Darcie's step-mom, Brianna, is going away on vacation. While she's gone, she doesn't want Darcie going through her things - she's quite territorial, after all. Because their relationship started off on the wrong foot, there was nothing Brianna could do but tell Darcie to stay the fuck out of her room. Of course, as soon as Brianna is gone, Darcie sneaks in to find something useful - how dare this step-mom order her around? Brianna starts dating her dad, and thinks she can tell Darcie where she can and cannot go?! Through this revenge rummaging, Darcie finds a perfect little dildo to steal away to the back yard - sloppily sucking and banging it! But what happens when Brianna comes back to find Darcie nude on the lawn, spit dripping from her favorite purple toy? Will these girls learn to share, or double-down on their aggression? Hopefully both…?
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